About Eyelashr

Eyelashr is the world’s first on-demand eyelash extension marketplace. You can book a 5-Star rated Lash Extension Stylist to come to your location and preferred date and time to apply eyelash extensions. All Lash Extension Stylists have been vetted to apply a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.

Lash Extension Stylists carry a license and/or a certificate of training to apply Lash Extensions. They are all background checked. You can book with peace of mind knowing that any eyelash extension stylist that you book can deliver high quality set of eyelash extensions and great customer service.

Eyelashr’s mission is to create an efficient and easy to use platform to bring the world’s best eyelash extension stylists directly to consumers locations on-demand.

About The Co-Founders

Maher Daoudi

CEO & Co-Founder

Maher Daoudi is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Eyelashr. Maher previously served as CEO and co-founded Xtreme Lashes an eyelash extension training and supply company that he led into a global franchise system that has to date trained more than 30,000 Lash Stylists in 26+ countries.

Maher also served as CEO and co-founded Skillvo, a technology company to develop a digital marketplace and social network for service providers.

In 2017, Maher decided to use his tech and eyelash extension industry experience to launch Eyelashr and bring to life the world’s first on-demand eyelash extension company.

Fun Facts About Maher

  • Married to a super-wife with 3 beautiful children
  • Enjoys: Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, White Water Rafting, Snow Boarding, Paragliding, Waterfall Rapelling, Loves Mountain Biking
  • 12 Year Member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization). Served on board committees to organize and lead several high quality entrepreneur-training programs. Recruited many worldclass entrepreneurs into the entrepreneur organization.
  • EO Houston Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Award Recipient
  • Traveled to 32 countries, Loves adventure tourism
  • Avid Reader
  • Performs Fire Poi (Spins Fireballs on ropes)

Nadeem Haq

CTO & Co-Founder

Nadeem Haq is the reigning CTO and co-founder of Eyelashr who served as the chief architect of a product business line at Halliburton – Landmark, a large multi-national Fortune 500 company with a market cap of over 33 billion.

With humble beginnings as part of a startup internet provider in the mid 90s to full technological immersion ranging from IoT to cloud, he brings over 20 years of deep insight to the post. An avid coder, he continues to grow successful and complex international systems.

Maher and Nadeem teamed up in 2014 to build Skillvo together where Nadeem served as CTO and co-founder. Nadeem wrote over 70% of the Skillvo core platform while leading the multi-national development effort.

Nadeem is enthusiastic to bring his deep technology experience to help make your life easier with advanced and secure technology automation.

Fun Facts About Nadeem

  • Husband and father to a beautiful wife and 3 adorable children
  • Sports and technology are his passion, the more extreme the better
  • WoW?
  • Chicken is not real meat
  • Tough Mudder anyone?
  • “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -A.E.